About me


That is why I switched to moving images and  bought a JVC GR-DVP9E video camera with underwaterhousing on which I mounted 2 underwater video lights from MB-Sub (this was just afordable) Now one sees the dust moving the way I see it underwater.

And once at home I edit this raw material into a movie with music. I do that digitally with two computer programs: Pinnacle – Studio (film mixing) and Cool-Edit Pro 2.1 (sound mixing)

After having used the JVC camera for a few years, I came to the conclusion, that in some cases the images were not what I had seen. The camera lacked a certain quality. After a period of serious searching I replaced the JVC camera for the semi professional Sony HVR-A1E with a SilverFish underwater housing. This housing has a viewer at the backside, so you can see easily what you are filming.

The battery of the video lights has been replaced by MB-Sub for a newer model at a very fair price. With a self processed plate of 5 mm. stainless steel and some small stainless steel bolts everything can be strongly  mounted together.  With a neopreen cuff the whole unit is almost bouyant.

The first pictures taken during a holliday on Madeira have shown the quality of the camera: perfect! It has the same quality as the TV. Now I can enjoy it for the coming years.

My name is Roel, born december 9-th 1954. All my life I've been fascinated by the sea and curious about all that's to be seen  underneath the water surface. In 1993 I was in the opportunity to learn to (scuba) dive and over the years  I became a diving instructor: 2* CMAS-level. I practice this instructorship with my club: Duikteam Amphora in Amsterdam.

We train in the pool De Meerkamp in Amstelveen and the outside lessons are mainly given in the De Vinkeveense Plassen. Our club is allied to the NOB (Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond), which on its turn is allied to the CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) We conform the way of teaching to their demands.



Over the years during holidays abraod I've seen many beautiful things underwater. I wanted to share what I had seen with the people close to me. So I started to make pictures with a simple underwatercamera. Most pictures showed a lot of "dust" from fins of divers in front of me (I suppose  because of the automatic flash) That disappointed me very much.