Gadgets (download or internetlink)


                    File Format Converter from MSO 2007 into MSO 2003 (Unpack with WinRar)

                Download an electronic dive-log

                Download a gas absorption decompression program

                Want to know everything about your PC's motherboard?

                X-mas on your screen? 

                Remove temporary files from your PC

                Maps of dive site Vinkeveen Eiland 4 "Het Duikertje"

                Register your own domain name and help Tokelau

                SoulSeek: a friendly P2P program

                Bearshare: also P2P

                FELIX the cat on your screen?

                Mind of a Woman (simplified)

                A simple question

                Concentration game (excel-file)

                      Mind Reader (game)

                      Special Clock (new page)

                      Bowling: Play online (PowerPoint)

                Best Slot Machine: Play online (excel-file for gents only)

                Game with frogs (excel-file)