November 2017: It has been 4 years ago since the last time I wrote something on this page. Time flies and I think I'm old before I know it. The last few years I did not have the time for further development of this site and I do not expect any change in the years to come.  The evenings are short and in the weekends I spend my time in another way. Every year I make a movie from my dives during my holidays and that movie is placed on this site. That should be the oppertunity to write a few words on this page. However the movies are there, but nothing is written. Actually there is nothing worth writing about. Maybe after again 4 years, when I retire?

November 2013: Oops, it has been a long time since the last time I wrote something here. Many things have happened and I have done a lot of other things for the scubadivingclub, edited some older holiday movies, etc. Will this winter be the time to modernise this site?

July 2012: Only one new short movie. Busy with several other things at home.

June 2012: It has been more than 6 months ago since I've updated this site. I've been busy with a study for my work and some other things. Therefor I had no time left. In the mean time I've added a few short movies and adjusted some PowerPoints. Mayby the site will be renewed coming winter.

November 2011: The movie with the underwater images made during the last holidays at Terceira Island (Azores) is finished and put on this site. Let's go for the next project!

September/October 2011: We've got permission from the artist to use some of his music with the promotionmovie for DuikTeam Amphora for free (of course we have to mention his name) The movie now has music AND a voice-over: that's great! The movie is placed on the the club's website and uploaded to YouTube: that project is finished. On this site there still are some minor mistakes which are meanwhile corrected. Up to the next project!!

August 2011: The promotionmovie for DuikTeam Amphora is almost finished. It appears, that the costs for using the music are to expensive. We decide to use a "voice-over" in stead of music. Everyone is even more enthousiastic than before. Do I now get the time to adjust my own site?

July 2011: In the meantime I changed my ISP. Now the upload speed has increased a lot. It is now possible to watch movies 'streaming'. It also took a lot of time to change all e-mail adresses and login codes on sites, that I visit often. The editing of the promo film for the divingclub is getting to an end.

February 2011: I've been busy with my site this month. Some links did not work: I corrected them. After a few years  I've made the Movies-pages. Some links on these pages were not correct. Then I made a separate folder for these pages and copied the files into it. This takes some extra space, but "what the heck": with the two new harddiscs in the server there is more than enough space (2TB) The "Family-page" is removed. The relevant files are (of course) saved. Last item is the changing of the name of the site from www.amphoortje.tk into www.roeleman.nl    I made some gif-files for the site and for my e-mail signature to announce the namechange.

January 2011: After the holidays in november 2010 to La Palma I had to make the relevant movie first of course. Now, at the beginning of february the underwaterpicture is almost finished. The page and the files from the divingclub on this site were updated. The site from my divingclub took a lot of time due to the development of the "Smoelenboek".

September 2010: The last few days there is a little time to update this site. Since the last note many things have happened. Chronological: study for my work, hollidays, smartening up and redecorating my house after a water leakage, making the movie from my hollidays,restoring a mega-error in an update from McAfee (I thought the problem was in my computer), made a new website for the diving club, some trouble with the club and me being an instructor, additional education in order to keep being an diving instructor after juli 2011, my cat deceased and consequently the redecorating 'his' room in the house. Now I can place (new) short and cat movies on this site and I can finish new and yet undevelopped pages on this site.

May 2009: Have had lots of problems with the PC and the network connections; it is still not optimal. I'm afraid I have to do a "Format C" again. Every now and then I receive a nice short movie and that will be published on this site. I'm also studying for the so called Permanent Education for my work, so there's not much time left for the nice things in life.

September 2008: Have been very busy with the protected page of DuikTeam Amphora (DTA-page) Finding an acceptabel way of passwordprotection took quite some time; the same goes for the site of the club. On my site I wanted all movies to be available in 3 different formats (DVD, RealPlayer and WMV) Furthermore only added some short movies to this site. And now on vacation to the island of Madeira with my new (semi professional) video-camera and underwaterhousing.

January 2008: I finally baught a new (and very fast) PC. The old one is now in use as a server. The site can run 24/7  Saving any file is easy on the server. And the new PC also has a storage capacity of 1 TerraBite.

September - December 2007: Very little develoopments. After having searched for almost a year I finally found out how to get the scrollbar in the colour that I want in stead of the simple Windows grey. I can apply this also to the website of DuikTeam Amphora.

July and August 2007: Have been on holidays to the Azores, so it is time to edit the movie. But a small improvement was made on the site. The page "short movies" has now the layout of a schedule, that ensures that the icons of the movies are correctly placed. And of course a few movies are added.

June 2007: Due to receiving the 4-th short movie with funny cats I now made a separate page for short movies with cats.

April, May 2007: Nothing new on the site. Every once in a while I receive a short movie, that can be placed and that's it. I have been very busy editing the movie from our holidays in Spain last year. That movie is available on the password secured pages only.

Februari and March 2007: In the beginning of februari I have changed the hard-drive of my PC and also extended the memory and a quicker processor was installed. All because of the enormous capacity that Pinnacle, my video editing program takes. Consequently I also had to te0install Windows-XP and all the other programs I work with. Than it was the 16-th of februari when DaniŽl and Corina got married: of course I have been filming the event all day and later that month and the beginning of march I kept myself busy editing. Now that the editing has been done I can update my site in order for the family to be able to download the movie.

December 2006 and Januari 2007: There's nothing new to report. I spend more time with updating the site from DuikTeam Amphora than this site. Every once in a while I receive a nice and/or comic short movie via e-mail that can be added to this site.

November 2006: There isn't much to do anymore. Everything runs smoothly. Some PowerPoints are added after having them edited. The PowerPoints-page itself did not display correctly from the beginning. So now I made a scheme in order to present the pictures in the correct place.

October 2006: The English part of the site has been checked for a.o. spelling errors by a member of my family who has studied English literature many years ago (thanks Ellie) She -of course- knows a lot more about the English language than I do and of course she finds several mistakes. It takes half an hour to correct them. The number of "hits" has meanwhile reached over 660 and that supprises me a little. The site is visited more often then I thought. This month I added a few new short movies. The making of the new website for DuikTeam Amphora took all of my time during the last few weeks. That's why I had no time for my own site.

September 2006: The site has now been extended with an English version. I have to make a new index-page, that devides the site and all the pages have to be translated into English. Also the pictures, icons, movies, etc. have to be commented in English. So in fact I have to make them again and that will take quite some time. From now on I have to be more careful in making changes.

August 2006: Because of a remark of an acquaintance of this site in general I get the idea of adjusting the lay-out if this site (which results in an almost completely new site) Now the navigationbuttons, the header and the footer remain visible whilst exploring the site. It appears to be possible to add some music during the visit to my site. I think this makes the site less "static" It takes quite some time to find a good piece of music and alter it in a way that it is small enough and that the listener does not hear "the cutting" A friend of mine gives me some information in order to make the site better found on the internet by Google, etc. (getting more "hits") Awaiting the results.

May 2006: No new developments this month. The number of short movies and PowerPoint presentations is steadily growing.

April 2006: The 8-th page (containing short movies) is growing faster than expected. I have to make a second (sequential) page. Concerning the history-page I find out, that it is better to put the latest developments on top of the page. Some "cutting" and "pasting" solves that "problem" very quickly. The number of visitors has now risen to nearly 200 !!

March 2006: The number of visitors is rappidly growing (over 100 after one week) and the response is very positive. "The site looks very professional and the links run smoothly". Several short movies are added and some of them are educational for diving: an 8-th page is added. I made buttons for e-mail to info@amphoortje.tk and roel@amphoortje.tk   I still have many pictures from (old) PowerPoint Presentations, that I received as an attachment with e-mail. These are now placed as a webalbum in several categories.

March 2006: On a saturday end February I started with a complete new design of the lay-out. Readability is improved by making columns. Now I'm building the site with "FrontPage" That is difficult and it takes a lot of time finding out how everything works. There is much more possible with "FrontPage" then with "Word": a guestbook, a visitorscounter and a lightbar are easily added. Re-installing IIS (only in Windows XP-pro) solved the problem of last month, when the site could not be found on the internet.

February 2006: The movie from the trip to Egypt with the members of DuikTeam Amphora is finished as well as the movie about the evening training with fisherman's nets in the pool. They can now be put on the site for others to be seen. Then, suddenly, I receive a message that the site can not be found on the internet.

January 2006: Another friend rebuilds the site from "Word" into "FrontPage" with the first lay-out. The number of movies is now also growing.

December 2005: The number of Gadgets grows and the number of pictures (webalbums) is developping fast.

November 2005: Made the first lay-out of this site as a Word-document. An acquaintance taught me how to do that and it works great. I'm becoming enthousiastic.