About this site

Also because of the speed of the outgoing signal of the server the following instructions are advisable.

- Right click on the chosen link

- Chose “save target as”

- Save the file (for instance on your desk-top)

- Maintain the internet connection and keep your PC running up until the complete file is received (the larger the file, the longer it takes - this can take some hours)

- (If necessary) unpack the file with Winrar

- Play the unpacked file with Windows Media Player or any other player that supports the extention.

In october 2005 we made a trip with 15 other members of our club to Egypt (The Red Sea, Sharm-el-Sheik) There I made lots of video shots and when we were back in Holland the members almost could not wait to see them. But I had no time to edit the images into the movie as I liked it. So I wanted to make the raw material available for the members by means of internet. One of our members helped me making a simple internet site (see history page)

The longer you're working on a site, the more material you find on your PC that you want to make available for others to see. And then the site grows and grows. By the way: do not expect professional quality: I am still an amateur.

REMARK about downloading and watching the MOVIES.

One can not download files larger than 2 GB because of a limitation in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Therefore some movies are compressed with Winrar. Click the link, download and install a trialversion from Winrar. Then read the instructions in the next column.